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Some people here are obsessed with bands like Radiohead and even nerdy about it (in a good way). c EBHLjc4DQA ...i remember seeing that video on Much Music when i was younger... I don't even need to know who the headliners are if those 4 acts are there, it's got Best Coachella Ever potential on that you post Youtube vids of Band of Horses from Red Rocks in that fest thread?I'm like that with Basement Jaxx (..several other non-EDM stuff... *random drunken thoughts end*being nerdy for Basement Jaxx is cool! If so, they were awesome..their show opening for Beck in Aug, is still one of the best show ive seen this year probably... Because every band I tell you to get into follows the same process: 1) You "acquire" several of their CDs 2) You tell me you "acquired" them and can't wait to listen to them C) You keep listening to the same CDs you recently "acquired" and let the new band fall by the wayside Band of Horses rules.

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I'm gonna be all over whatever hopeful tour happens, but Coachella needs to happen as well. Im nerdy to the point where i know the names of the vocalists that tour with them ;) Some pro-shot sheeit: Cish Cash from the '04 Kish Kash tour (same year they were at Coachella) w/ Cassie Watson & Charlotte on vocals :) TUSj BTtj Q80 and SUPERSONIC from same tour by Vula, Lisa, and Dee o ILH3p Ybtq4I'm fairly confident we're getting Basement Jaxx and Prodigy, paulb.

I constantly play these 3 sweet recordings from their 2007 tour alot. The only other acts I feel this confident about are Massive Attack and Band of Horses.

A new album coming soon, and I see on their myspace they have a live show in Tokyo after some DJ dates in the UK.

One of my favorite acts ever srsly needs to come back to the states soon!


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