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I'm just a survivor." Lynch was born in Palestine, West Virginia, the second child and first daughter to Deidre Lynch and Gregory Lynch, Sr.

Her family could not afford to send her to college; her older brother had to drop out due to financial reasons.

Keeping the camera to my eye, I pan past the windshield to where on the right shoulder, six armed Iraqis mill about beside a sandbag- fortified position, housing a long-gunner in front of a nondescript building.

PM (IST): PM (IST): It’s halftime at the AFC Cup final and none of the teams were able to find the back of the net. PM (IST): A brilliant attack by Iraq Air Force Club, but Ralte was able to clear the danger for Bengaluru FC. PM (IST): Hammadi connects with a header, but misses the goal by quite some distance.

After 35 minutes of play, the match remains goalless. PM (IST): Al-Quwa Al Jawiya are forced to use their first substitution as Osama Ali replaces Humam Tareq. PM (IST): Al-Quwa Al Jawiya have been the better side till now while attacking, but the score is still 0-0. PM (IST): PM (IST): 12 minutes gone.

Sean Penn did not go to Iraq a year ago as an actor, but as a father, a husband and an American. 13 to 15, 2002, to learn about the American-Iraqi conflict from the people who were living through it.

A year later, the week before Saddam Hussein was captured, Penn returned to Iraq to find out how life had changed after the American invasion.


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