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Three elementary teachers in a New Jersey school district have been caught having a shocking conversation about some of their special needs students, referring to them as 'morons' and 'short bus kids' - and are now set to be fired as a result.

The teachers - Tyler Van Pelt, Maria Weber and Maryellen Lechelt - allegedly engaged in an inappropriate online discussion on October 23 while training in a new technology to be implemented in their school district of Edison, however were unaware that the chat room could be accessed by others in the program.

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The youngster was confronted by her father after he was approached by one of her teachers regarding her comment.

Our natural instinct might be to compensate with more teacher-talk, but resist that urge! Classes sometimes just need a little more structure for their talking.

Here are a few of the top teaching strategies implemented by teachers to make your quiet class talk. Try this simple exercise as an example:‘Round the Room Sharing.

They love when you’re excited about learning; they want to see you raise your hand, stand up and speak with passion, (especially when it’s a subject they’ve taught you) because it makes them feel​ !

Teachers value creativity, so they are impressed by students who think outside the box, especially when it involves new apps and technologies in the classroom.


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