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An Ara Labs blog post explains the threat in more detail: When one of these router DNS hijacks are successful, the DNS settings on the router are changed to point to a rogue DNS server controlled by the attackers.

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He started working at age 9 and never stopped, gaining a tireless work ethic as he sold shoes and Christmas cards, changed bedpans and newspaper type, and washed shirts and floors. He hopes Big Ass Fans can become a 200-year company that acts in the long-term interests of its customers, employees and suppliers.The picture of tape covering the web cam on what’s believed to be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s computer sparked lots of debate about the safety of personal webcams.You may not use the webcam built into the top edge of your laptop screen, but how do you know someone else isn’t secretly using it to spy on you?Then you might connect to this IP thinking that you are connecting to a certain domain when in fact you are connecting to a server controlled by the attacker.It’s easy to imagine such a technique being deployed to dupe users into believing that they are visiting online genuine banking websites, but Ara Labs is reporting that this latest attack is exploiting the fact that so many websites on the internet run a Google Analytics script to measure and track visitor traffic.If you’ve recently found your web browsing plagued by pornographic pop-ups and irritating adverts, there might be a simple – but dangerous – explanation. Security researchers at Ara Labs have warned of an active campaign which has seen attackers changing DNS settings on routers, causing unauthorised ads and adult content to appear on virtually all websites affected users visit, generating income for the attackers.


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